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Johnny NNY

Filmmaker & Rebel

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My Films

Film 1: A dystopian punk tale

Film 1

A dystopian punk tale exploring the fringes of society.

Film 2: Urban anarchy and art

Film 2

Urban anarchy meets street art in this visual manifesto.

Film 3: Rebellion in the digital age

Film 3

The digital age sparks a new wave of rebellion.

About Me

I'm a filmmaker with a passion for the unconventional. 

My work explores the edges of society, challenging norms and celebrating the spirit of rebellion. 

With a punk ethos at heart, each film is a journey into the unknown.

Johnny NNY


Email: [email protected]

Phone: +123 456 7890


Featured in various indie film magazines and blogs, my work has been recognized for its bold themes and visual storytelling.